Commercial for 7-up. A camera iris opens on silent, black and white footage of a man driving a horse drawn plow. His wife runs up and kisses him. The frame freezes and squishes to the side to show bottles of 7-up in a refrigerator. The plow footage continues at a faster speed. Shots of a man in front of a pile of hay and children walking down a road with large shoes. Shot of 7-up and a paper cup sitting on a tree stump next to gardening tools. Slapstick footage of a man getting sprayed by water. A woman looks out over the sea with a telescope next to two children. Silent footage of a fight. More 7-up. A man jumps up to a second story window. A man breaks out of a wardrobe. A police officer brushes off a horse. A weapon wielding angry mob charges at the camera. A man lays dying on the ground in the forest. A tray with glasses and a bottle of 7-up is placed onto a poker table. Shot of a bottle of 7-up with glasses.