MS of a front door and a wooden hand railing. Cuts to MS of two men in a office. CU of a baggy of many different colors of the end of rubber balloon ties, which is poured out on to a piece of paper on a desk. Cuts to a ECU of a plastic baggy full of cocaine. CU of black male speaking. Cuts to men in handcuffs being escorted into a truck by the police. Cuts to MS of Heineken box having it’s contents looked at and emptied out onto a chair (mushrooms, marijuana?). CU of money, papers, foil. CU of chalkboard with new hours written on board. MS of people sitting in handcuffs on a couch and floor in front of a T.V. Cuts to a CU of bagged and tied white powder substance in the form of logs and money. WS of couch with cushions removed and a box on the seat marked with tape. Next to a wooden table with drugs and money on top. CU of hundred dollar bills. CU of plastic bag with money inside and taped which reads, evidence.

Not Explicit