Life during the Great Depression in the city. Children warm their hands over a fire. A Man taking clothes out of a trash can. Uniformed men handing out packages from a truck. Large mobs of people waiting on the sidewalk. Pan to food being dispensed; bread and cups of water. Large columns of people ambling down the sidewalk. People in line for soup kitchen. Close up on the faces of people entering in the soup kitchen. Priest handing coins to men who tip their hats as they pass. Text reading “JOBLESS & HUNGRY HAVE A REAL FRIEND IN MOTHER JORDAN San Francisco” Men entering an open air soup kitchen. Women stands in-between two pots. she simultaneously ladles soup into the bowls of two lines of men. POV shot of women ladling soup. Close-up of soup pots. Men unloading crates. Man carrying crate. Crates on the back of period automobile. Crates inside of period automobile. Man selling food out of a crate to a woman. Crates of apples out side of automobile.