Chet Huntley narrates this clip about Ernest Hemingway’s visit to Spain. A matador is seen. He swings his muleta as a bull charges. Stills of the bullfighter show him holding his hat in the air then stabbing the bull with a sword, thus killing it. Hemingway is seen in the audience wearing sunglasses. The dead bull lies on the ground and is tended to. The Spanish landscape is shown with clouds, a waterfall, village, river, bridge, and windmill. Civil War planes are seen in the sky and people run in the streets. Bombs are dropped, destroying buildings and leaving them in smoke and flames. Crowds panic on a staircase, and a sign reads “Viva Espana!” Soldiers are seen with rifles and a flag. A warship deploys soldiers, then a man fires a machine gun at a beach. Many men are shot.