This is a newsreel about a pilgrimage in Spain of a statue of Mary up Montserrat Mountain. They are going to put the statue on top of “The Holy Mountain”. The narration details what the people and climbers do in each scene as they climb to the top of the mountain. The first shot is of a crowd of people walking up a trail with a large aluminum statue of the Virgin Mary being carried between them. The people are Spanish, and are wearing modern clothes, shirts, dresses, and pants. There is a shot of the crowd and the mountain there are hiking up. A shot of the holy mountain itself. Then there are shots of fewer people, only men, using climbing gear to scale the stone wall of the mountain. They use ropes and harnesses and tie the statue to one man’s back to carry it up the peak. Many wide shots and close ups of the climbers going up the rocky part of the mountain. Several men reach the top with the statue and shake hands smiling. A final wide shot of the holy mountain looking down to the valley below.

Not Explicit