A film about a 90 year old mountain climber’s last trip up a mountain. There is a shot of the old man hiking up a snowy mountainside. He is attached to men in front and behind by a rope, and he is wearing warm snow clothes, a backpack, and a hat. The old man is holding a pick ax has a long white beard. Several shots of the long line of men as they hike with the old man. The narration says this is an Italian Mountain. There are panoramic shots of the mountains in the area. As the men reach the top of the mountain, there is a priest there who blesses the old man on his last trip. The priest kisses the old man and the man salutes the mountain and the other climbers. A shot of all the climbers and the priest crossing their chests and praying. The old man cries, then kisses his fellow bearded climbers.

Not Explicit