A jazz band is playing a happy song at a nightclub. The first shot shows the bad playing. We can see instruments including a trumpet, drums, bass, guitar, and saxophone. Then we see a wide shot of the whole club with people dancing. A closer shot of a woman standing at the bar holding a glass mug of beer and swaying, not listening to the music. Couples are doing 1920’s dancing, close dancing and a waiter is spinning a pan on his finger while dancing. We see a wide shot of the whole bar and then a closer shot of people dancing. The woman stands at the bar unhappily. A man wearing a suit and hat opens a door in the background and proudly says hello to the people in the bar. We see a close up of the man who is smiling and waving. Then the man enters the bar and moves to the tables of people to shake hands and greet them happily. Everyone seems to know the man and they are happy to see him. The man begins dancing in the middle of the bar. The dance involves a lot of fancy footwork, similar to tap dancing. The dance seems difficult and when he finishes, the people cheer for him.

Not Explicit