A man and woman are dancing happily in a nightclub. They are dancing close together in an embracing dance. There is jazz or blues big band music being played live in the club. The man reaches down to the woman’s stocking and pulls a wad of money out. He then spins the woman away from himself and into the bar so he can separate himself and count his money happily. He then laughs at the woman and bows and says goodbye to some of the other people at the bar as he leaves. The camera pans over back to the woman at the bar who is resigned to drinking alone sadly. She stands at the bar with a glass mug of beer. The music swells and the woman starts to sing along. Everyone at the bar joins in to sing her sad blues song. All the people in the scene appear to be Black or of African American descent. We see THE END title card. Stars BESSIE SMITH.

Not Explicit