W.W.II. Normandy, US soldiers storming the beach. various shots of machinery processing the chemical DDT being made. Montrose Chemical Plant in Los Angeles, the last remaining factory in America that produced DDT. Examines the pros and cons of a chemical compound that has been a source of international controversy for many years. First hailed as a miracle insecticide, DDT came to be regarded by many as a threat to the environment and has, in fact, been banned in the U.S. Displays the chemicals effects on mosquitoes. ECU mosquito. Looks at DDT’s use in South East Asia. Humans subjects eat DDT capsules do display it does not harm humans. Looks at the claim DDT effects animals, such as, fish and rats. Concludes that DDT can kill animals. Considers the claim that DDT causes cancer in humans. Goes to a village in South East Asia where DDT is still used. It is used on the walls of homes and does not affect the inhabitants. It has saved lives here to fend off mosquitoes.

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