Commercial for Volkswagen automatic stick shift. “Life is getting easier.” A man in suit, tie, and glasses waits at a bus stop. He looks at his watch, opens his briefcase, pulls out an inflatable chair, sits down and relaxes while he waits for the bus. A baker in a chef’s hat mixes a bowl of cream for a tray of tarts. He looks over his shoulder to see if his boss is watching and pulls out a can of pre-made whipped cream to fill the tarts with instead.A woman’s legs walk by a construction worker who watches her as she passes by, he opens a soda can which explodes in his face.A man in a grocery store carries a bag of groceries to the exit door, the door automatically opens, causing him to trip and fall when he unknowingly leans forward to push the door open. Red Volkswagen Bug with automatic stick shift drives down an empty road.

Not Explicit