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Commercial for Volkswagen Bug (Beetle). A man in a suit walks down a flight of futuristic stairs and meets a husband and wife couple looking to buy a new car. The salesman tells them about a new small car that is more than just a Beetle. The couple follows the man up the stairs as he describes a revolutionary new car: it’s only three inches longer than the Beetle, yet it has nearly twice the luggage space, it has an engine more powerful than the Beetle, yet with the same economy, the interior’s a knockout... The salesman repeats the phrase “But you want more” with intensity.They arrive at the top of the staircase to reveal this new car, open a pair of fancy sliding metal doors to reveal the 1971 Super Beetle! in a fog filled room. The husband notes that it looks just like the old Beetle to which the salesman responds “The trouble with you is you want too much.”