What the Film

Getting Along with Parents B+W 1954

Six high school students plan to go to a night club after the junior prom dance. Describes five parental reactions to the plan showing how those reactions disclose varied family backgrounds and attitudes. Emphasizes that there are two sides to most problems and that both sides must have a chance to be heard.

Post No Bills Color, 1968 Everett Aison

A satire on the subject of commitment as revealed in an account about a man who destroys billboards as an act of civil disobedience, becomes a hero, and is exploited in an advertisement which is ironically put on a billboard.

Look Alive! (B+W, 1961) 
Produced by the US Department of Health Education and Welfare as a Public Service, this oddball traffic safety film places the camera in the eyes of our unseen narrator, a businessman in a hurry to get to an appointment who becomes involved in a vehicular accident. Odd camera angles and a “you-are-there” point of view make this disjointed scare film more creepier than anything else. With an introduction by Raymond (“Perry Mason”) Burr.

Fixin Tricks

"These days it's hard to find a man to fix such sleep-disturbing things as this [dripping faucet]."  Handy Annie fixes what Corney Cornelius can't fix, and Pete Smith explains how. 

Contest Jitters Castle
A sports highlights compilation. Ice boat racing on the frozen tundra. Man waves the starting flag and they’re off. All-terrain Jeeps driving over snowy hills, pulling a woman in a bathing suit on a sled. People on kayaks splashing off a small waterfall and flipping over, crashing, and capsizing. Fishing contest at sea, men catching fish and holding them up. A prize being given to the winner. Dolphins or porpoises diving in the water, playing basketball, swimming with a ball in their mouths. A woman beating up men in a judo contest. A lady toreador fights a bull, bullfighting. The bull gets a good charge on the woman. A cowgirl rides a steer and gets bucked off. A chimpanzee on rollerskates skates with a young girl and two boys. The chimp uses his arms to pull himself along. Lumberjack games: a man and woman throwing axes, men racing to the top of a log. Pretty women being covered in mud in their bathing suits, then having it all hosed off. Beauty contest gals getting ready for a parade. A bald head contest for balding man. Judge examines bald head with a magnifying glass. Women kiss the head of the winner.

Beauty and the Beach 1949

Beaches, beach acrobats, beach picnics, beach photography are all ridiculed. Shots of people on the beach with witty narration. Kids, trash, weather and antics getting in the way of romance and relaxation. The beach as a "cheap date." Very crowded with lots of umbrellas, kids throwing water on adults, people running in front of cameras, flying kites. Dogs bothering people and dragging their owners. People kissing, then something ruining the moment. Fishing in the tide, casting mishaps bothering sleeping people. Someone almost drowning, and the attempted hero becoming the victim (with the victim saving the hero). One guy gets revenge on the kid who was dumping water on his face. Follows the same guy for most of the film.

3 Little Bruins in a Canoe 1943 Castle


More adorable antique animal abuse! Shows three little bears entering a canoe at the headwaters of a raging torrent. Follows the trip through rapids, whirlpools and other hair-raising dangers. 

Poison in the House by Basil Milovsoroff 10 min. Dye Transfer Technicolor 16mm
Home is where the heart is, as well as the household cleansers and the medicine cabinet. Who better to warn us of potential poisons than a family of marionette ants, touchingly over-concerned with the well-being of the people who try to kill them. Delightfully wrong-headed, borderline offensive, and in Technicolor!