Seven Deadly Sins! - Sat. Nov 12 - 8:00pm

Oddball Films and curator Lynn Cursaro present, Seven Deadly Sins, Over Easy. Come see all styles of sin in a screening that re-examines greed, lust, vanity, sloth/despair, gluttony, envy and wrath! Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see gluttony, lust and greed in Peter Foldes’ acclaimed computer animated short Hunger/La Faim (1974), the mild misery of Duke Ellington's A Bundle of Blues (1933), and The Dreamer (ca.1964) shows us the lighter side of lust in glorious Technicolor!   Envy (1974) dishes up some grade school drama over a coveted bike, and “character looks” turn vanity on its head in Modern Makeup #4 (1951). Laurel and Hardy unleash their wrath in the classic Big Business (1929), plus a very special treat for the early birds in the audience. Don’t let your inner sloth stop you from coming to this one night only event!
Date:Saturday November 12, 2011 at 8:00PM
Venue:Oddball Films, 275 Capp St., San Francisco 
Admission: $10.00 (cash only). Seating is limited - RSVP to 415-558-8117or



Big Business (1929)
On their road to riches, Laurel and Hardy give door-to-door Christmas tree selling a try. When a simple misunderstanding with a grumpy homeowner (the great James Finlayson) escalates from petty vandalism into full scale mutual destruction. Tit-for-tat was never so venomously delightful - it's comedy gold!

Hunger/La Faim (1974)
An award-winning work from computer animation pioneer Peter Foldes, the stunning computer assisted technique of shape shifting is perfectly suited to the hideous distortions of those in the dark grip of out of control appetites. Disturbingly beautiful, Hunger is a wordless nightmare of gluttony, greed and lust. It took a year and a half for Foldes and his partners at the National Research Center of Canada to make Hunger, the first computer- animated film to be nominated for an academy award.


A Bundle of Blues (1933)
The natty Duke Ellington Orchestra swing in this stylish soundie gem, performing "Lightnin'" & "Rockin' in Rhythm" before easing into the centerpiece: Ivie Anderson`s bluesy and possibly most moving rendition rendition of "Stormy
Weather" ever recorded. Moods shift rapidly in these miniature musical films as Florence Hill & Bessey Dudley dizzying tap routine to "Bugle Call Rag" perfectly demonstrates.

The Dreamer (ca. 1964)
Some may want the sassy girl, others might want her super chic hat, but don't fear this 1960's girlie reel has something for everyone!

Envy (1974)
An educational film that's not afraid to show grade school for what it really is: a hot bed of toxic envy, bike lust and resentment. Drenched in sunshine and mostly told in our hero Billy's bitter inner monologue, Envy takes time out for some classroom humiliation and a lecture from mom. It might just boil down to this: a crap bike is your safest bet.

About the Curator:
Lynn Cursaro is a local film blogger. Over the past two decades, she has worked in research and administrative positions at a variety of Bay Area film organizations.