A 1960s Travelogue of Scandinavia begins with title cards reading, “Copenhagen”, “Stockholm” and “Helsinki.” A train enters a station. CU of wealthy looking people on a boat, one couple embraces. CU of a drink being prepared. A woman runs her hands through her hair on the deck of the boat. Interior of a train with cool mod looking women smoking and reading magazines. People hang out in a dining car. A girl in a bathing suit ties a scarf around her head. CU of sunglasses on sandy beach. CU of shoes standing on beach. Beautiful young men and women run happily from the beach into the ocean. CU of claims being shelled and eaten by a fisherman. POV shot from a train. CU of fishing equipment in a store window. Boats at the Oslo harbor. A woman eats her lunch on the pier. CU of shark. A train travels through the snow. A group of cod fishing boats in the ocean. A man ice fishes in Norway, CU of fish with hook in its mouth. A water-skiing woman waves at the camera. More POV shots of train tracks. CU of luggage rack. In Sweden children celebrate the longest day of the year. Interesting shot of a very mod looking woman in a car reflected in a car mirror. A waitress serves train passengers. A woman reading a fashion magazine is handed salt and is poured a glass of wine from off camera. In Finland men in speedos leave a sauna and jump into a cold lake. A woman performs yoga exercises. A group of women perform a dance or exercise routine with balls and tambourines.