Jewish children in Germany crowd into a school, smiling at the camera as they pass. Interior of Jewish school, students sitting at desks with books and papers. A girl walks up to the blackboard and writes Hebrew in chalk. Kids take notes. Girl pushes sliding blackboard up to reveal another underneath. Shots of kids in the class with superimposition of the anti-Semitic Nazi laws restricting Jews in Germany. Crowd yells in agreement. Talking head of an elderly man discussing dating German girls. Shots of blonde Aryan children at school desks, writing. A photo still of children reading an Anti-Semitic children’s book “The Poisonous Mushroom”. Racist cartoon of Jew as mushroom with star of David on it. Fades into a color shot of the book, which opens to reveal more racist propaganda against Jews. Illustrations of a molester Jew offering candy to Aryan children. “Ravisher of Aryan women”, and “The swindler of honest germans”. Drawing of Jewish stereotypes reading a sign that reads “Jews are not wanted!”. Various shots of actual signs in German towns.