Footage of the grand opening of Houston's biggest and newest hotel, the Shamrock Hotel, opening on St. Patrick's Day in 1949.

Exterior of the Shamrock Hotel, which is crowned with a large "Shamrock" sign and an American flag flapping in the wind

Wide shot of a busy indoor restaurant within the Shamrock. The silhouettes of diners and waiters appear against a large window, flooded with sunlight.

Actors Joseph Carroll Naish and Desmond Slattery eat breakfast on the outdoor patio of the Shamrock.

A torchlight parade happens later in the evening. Dorothy Lamour, an American actress and singer, is seen waving to large crowds from the backseat of a convertible. American actor Leo Carrillo is also present, dressed in a fancy Texas, cowboy outfit; he blows a kiss to the crowds.

The last image of the Shamrock Hotel's festivities is a wide shot of the torchlight parade as it moves down a very busy street.