B-roll of a Silver Springs Shores community in Florida during the early 1970s, located roughly north of Orlando and south of Gainesville. 

People walk on well-manicured lawns. People sunbath and swim at a community pool. Cars drive down palm tree-lined roads. Lots of retro, arguably tacky, clothing is worn.

A family sits down to eat a lavish, full meal. Exterior shots of single-family homes in a suburban area. 

People prepare to ride a speed boat at a pier. 

A house party is attended by mostly middle-aged adults. Kids are being served milk and cake. Two teenaged boys are playing Checkers in a bright red bedroom. Adults chat in a living room over drinks. 

Large party is held at an auditorium. Balloons and other decorations hang from the ceiling. A live band plays on stage. 

People play golf at a golf course on a sunny day.