Clip offers a slice of life of 1940s San Francisco. 

Begins with a very wide, pan-right shot of the city. In the very far distance, the East Bay and Berkeley stand near the horizon.

A high-angle shot of Market Street shows a bustling, full-of-life thoroughfare. Pedestrians flock down sidewalks, and there appears to be at least four separate lanes for trolleys moving up and down Market. Wow!

A woman wearing a plaid coat and big-billed dark hat buys flowers from a florist whose flowers look like mini water fountains, bursting with beauty.

Trolleys crisscross at the intersections of Kearney, Market, and Geary Streets. An ornate capital about 30 to 40 feet tall stands on the island that borders all three streets.

Wide shot of the St. Francis Hotel, which faces the famous Union Square. A capital topped with a female statue stands at the center of Union Square itself.

Another high-angle shot shows a trolley being turned around, perhaps at the bottom of Powell Street near Market Street. 

The final shot is a POV vehicle shot, going up a steep San Francisco street bordered by, it seems, apartment buildings.