Inside a hut in a Mexican village furnished with wood, a white missionary woman speaks through a radio while a man cranks at a generator powering the radio. Another white woman (Penny Hatcher) receives the radio transmission and speaks through her receiver. In a series of CU's, the white women exchange messages through the radio by speaking into the transmitter and listening through the receiver. The camera cuts to the white man (John) in a small classroom with students dressed in white shirts from the village sitting in the pews. Rows of young men look up at the missionary instructor giving them a lesson in their indigenous church on the word of God so that they can spread the word.In another hut, Elaine (the white woman) walks among the rows of Mexican woman answering questions and pointing to individual passages and sections in their books. Elain, the wite missionary lady, teaches the natives how to read. During the lesson the camera cuts to CUs of indigenous women and young native girls. The camera cuts to a more civilized kitchen where Elaine uses egg beaters to wisk milk. The natives look on and watch Elaine as she cooks in the kitchen. She crosses the room and lifts a lid off of a steaming pot. The indigenous native people in the room look on and smile as she cooks. A little native boy gives Elaine tortillas wrapped in a banana leaf. Elaine looks at the tortillas and hands them to someone off-screen