Opens white door and leaves apartment. Leaves the building at 300 West 55 Street in New York City and walks down the sidewalk. Says that he admires women because they are free to do what they like, whereas he has to hide. Doesn’t feel that this is right, but thinks that that is just the way he is. He looks at a woman who passes him on the street. Looks into the windows of different stores, which he says he likes to do. He says he likes to look at lingerie, silks and satins, things that he’ll wear once he gets his sex change. He stops at and peers into a store window, looking at lingerie longingly. Says that seeing these things, like lingerie, gives him a tingle; thinks that men also feel a tingle when seeing such items, especially when worn by women. Walks into a beauty salon, his place of work, and removes his black cap. A diamond-bedazzled chandelier hangs in the salon’s lobby, including red and white drapes.