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Cambridge, MA. BW b-roll street footage of Cambridge. Movies/Nude Photos marquee/store front. Bargain Basement thrift store. Erik Lendgren. Shot of Erik's recording decks and equipment. Says 8-Tracks have a "sexy sound". Phil Milstein. CU shot of 8-Track cover "The Sensuous Black Woman" by "The Madam". Yellow cover with black silhouette of woman with afro. Shot of Phil sitting in bed with his 8-Track cassettes surrounding him. Phil has large, square wire-rim glasses and a white t-shirt on. He says he doesn't have an 8-Track player and collects the cassettes in the case that he needs to go on a long, cross country road trip and the only deck available is an 8-Track player. Pagan Kennedy. CU shot of a photo of red high heel platform shoes. Pagan talks about how we as a society "see history differently". Talks about nostalgia books. Pagan is wearing a plaid flannel shirt.