Happy faces flash by while they ride in some sort of rollercoaster. WS of a woman walking around the zoo holding a small boy's hand. They are standing in front of a fence with camels behind it. WS of a man with the same boy. Shot of kangaroos through a fence. Another shot of the kangaroos but no fence. The woman and the boy walk towards the camera with two elephants in the BG. A man and the little boy walk around holding hands in front of a fountain. WS of the woman and little boy watching some deer graze. The woman and boy stand in front of an enclusure with two bears in it. Same shot but with the man and the boy. WS of the boy walking sideways in front of the fence of the enclosure. WS of the woman and boy walking towards the camera in a crowd. The woman spins the boy around. The boy is picking flowers in the grass.