Clip shows Americans reacting to Japan's World War II surrender. 

US President Harry Truman reads a message from the Japanese government, which says that the Japanese have accepted the terms of the Potsdam Declaration - making an unconditional surrender. The surrender effectively brings an end to World War II.

After hearing Truman’s message, reporters dash off to relay the message to their audiences.

People stand before the White House, waving frantically at the camera. The streets of Chicago are flooded with Americans celebrating Japan’s surrender. A woman holds a newspaper that reads “VICTORY! JAPAN SURRENDERS.” US Navy sailors wave their caps in joy. People throw confetti and paper to show their excitement.

People in San Francisco’s Chinatown light firecrackers. Firecracker smoke cloaks streets and storefronts.

In Seattle, US sailors hug and kiss their loved ones.

In New York’s Times Square, two million people celebrate Japan’s surrender. Confetti rains down from tall buildings, littering the streets and people below. Man carries a newspaper that reads, “JAPS ACCEPT TERMS.” A pretty woman sits on the shoulders of a sailor as she smiles for the camera. Someone waves the American flag before an enthusiastic throng of Americans. 

Crowds revel at night as spotlights pierce through the darkness. Wide shot of a NYC street with lighted marquees.