Two African-American girls toss a ball back in forth in an alley with rubble or bricks lying at the base of a graffitied wall. The children smile and laugh as they toss the ball back and forth while wearing warm winter clothing. The camera cuts to a med shot of a group of girls standing around a game of double-dutch jump rope. The kids all crowd around and form a circle around a little African-American girl wearing a peacoat and glasses as she jumps up and down over the swinging ropes. She goes from jumping up and down to switching the rhythm of her steps to a small twp step. In a low angle med shot one of the kid's smiles and laughs as they swing the ropes around the girl in the middle. The smiling child has an afro and a winter coat. The camera cuts to a longshot of a girl swinging a pair of converse tennis shoes around as she walks down the sidewalk next to a chain-link fence in a residential area in a white button-up, possibly on her way home from school.  CU of Chicago street signs, W. Englewood Ave and Stewart Ave. The camera quickly pulls back to a street scene of a wet and snowing Chicago intersection with pedestrians crossing the street and '70s cars driving by.