A group of people stand on a boat as the camera captures them smiling and looking eager. A blonde woman holding a bouquet wearing all white stands on the boat and smiles at the camera in a med shot, she turns her head, looking around. The camera tracks over the decks of the boats containing men in suits watching the sailors move objects on the main deck, getting the vessel ready to depart. The camera stops tracking and stays in a wide shot on a man in a white suit. He stands there looking at the camera for a moment before walking over to the cameraman smoking a cigarette. The boat pulls away from the dock and the camera pans slowly to the right, seeing the ropes holding the boat together and the equipment on the stern side of the boat, a sailor works on some of the ropes as the boat departs. The camera tracks past the dock as people wave their handkerchiefs from the dock, saying goodbye to the people taking this voyage. The camera pulls away slowly, revealing more of the dock.

Not Explicit