Reel of Toyota commercials with similar style and content. Young man in exercise clothes jumps in the air in slow motion. Man stands on the sidewalk of a sunny suburban street wearing tennis clothes. His friend pulls up in a 1980 Toyota Celica. Man puts his tennis racket in the hatchback of the Celica. More slo-mo jumping with theme song. Three body builders and one small guy jump in the air in slo-mo. The body builders lift the front wheels of a red Toyota Corolla Tercel off the ground. CU of the front wheels spinning. Body builders get in the car with plenty of room. More jumping. A man and women jump in the air. Sillouttes of various sports cars. They get in a Toyota Celica Supra. Another couple jumps in the air. They drive a yellow Toyota Corolla lift back down a country road. Man jumps in the air. Green Toyota SR longbed truck pulls into a worksite. Bulldozer fills up the flatbed with gravel. Family jumps in the air in unison. Spinning model of the Earth. Yellow Corolla drives out of an open hatch in the model, then over the surface of the earth. Young woman gets in her new silver Corolla Tercel and drives off to college. Shot of the Corolla driving through desert. Parked Corolla with Golden Gate Bridge in the background.