Four trailers for sexploitation films:

Women in Cages (1971)

A line of women in prison garb are inspected by men in military uniforms. Shot of rowboat on the ocean near sunset as title card zooms into view. Cut to women being loaded off the back of a military style truck and then walking/crawling through a dirt field. Pam Grier in officer's clothing addresses line of women, saying, "No one escapes from my prison". Shot of a limp woman's body being dragged off a horse. Star wipe to a hair-pulling mess hall brawl. Cut to woman struggling with guards, then pushing a switch that drops a guillotine. Cut to woman outdoors, saying "We should kill them." Another woman volunteers and rushes forward. Quick cutaway to Pam Grier looking worried. Cut to a black snake slithering up to a sleeping woman's face. Cut to various close up of women talking, followed by a shot of women running through a wooded area, stopping only to fire a machine gun at a fleeing guard. Shot of figure swinging a lantern at dusk on the shore of a beach. Cut to men fighting in a stairwell, man falls backward over railing. Shot of men chasing a woman as the title card zooms towards the camera.


Hell's Belles (1969)

Opens with four women reclining on a beach as title card appears over them. Cut to woman kissing man in a bar. Shot of man on motorcycle doing donuts while surrounded by adversaries, he punches one as he rides by, before riding directly into the group of them. Bikers stand circled around a defeated adversary as one of the victors pushes his girl onto the ground on top of the loser. Biker guy tells her to "Take good care of him, honey". Cut to group of bikers riding towards the camera as the title card appears onscreen. 


The Female Bunch (1969)

Action shot of an airplane as it dives right next to a convertible car and the driver and passenger duck. Shot of a woman in the plane aiming down the sights of a rifle and shooting out a tire of the car. Cut to title card overlaid with a shot of a group of women riding out of a stable and towards the camera. Series of quick cuts to the members of the female bunch: riding horses, exiting the airplane, using a bullwhip to grab a fleeing man, holding a brand in open flames, approaching a restrained man with the hot brand. Cut to actor credits for Russ Tamblyn, Lon Cheney Jr., and Jennifer Bishop. VO says "We're nice girls. But we do what other women only dream about", as quick shots follow of a man jumping onto a horse, a woman posing with a pistol near her face, a couple bedding down in a barn, and a woman kisses a man in a bar. Cut to group of women riding horses toward the camera as the title card appears. 


Battle of the Amazons (1973)

Large group of warrior women ride horses through the woods toward the camera. Shots of hand to hand combat and people jumping onto horses as the title card appears. Shot of horse warriors entering a town, followed by more fighting. Quick shot of seated woman in a tent grabbing two unclothed men and pulling them down to onto her. Alternating shots of women practicing sword fighting and laying down with men. Title card again over an aerial shot of a battle scene.

Not Explicit