News coverage of famous TV press conference on October 14th, 1977 in Des Moines, Iowa. Anita Baker (former celebrity figurehead for Florida orange juice who was also very outspoken against gay rights) on the getting a pie to the face from gay rights activist Tom Higgins. CU on Anita Baker as she discusses the difficulties associated with trying to "do away with the homosexuals in this country" before she is surprised midsentence with a banana cream pie to her face. A brief flurry of activity follows during which security is asked NOT to remove Higgins from the room and Anita with her face still covered in pie, is asked by her husband Bob Green to pray for the souls of the deviants that just committed this act. Higgins is shown licking pie from his fingers and not looking particularly sorry. Cut to outside where the four men responsible for planning "the attack" are happily eating another pie (thrown in retaliation by Bob Green) off of their own faces and clothes. Segment ends with voiceover stating that no formal charges against the men had been filed with police. 

Opening title sequence for Love American Style with fireworks and a zoom on the show logo.