Demo of a new way to make ceramics and metals. CU through a porthole of material being melted. Reporter Richard Hart lights a sparkler to demo the combustion synthesis process. Birch Holt of the Lawrence Livermore National Lab interviewed about the process. B-roll of Holt pouring powder into a vial. CU of white hot flash. Demo of the process and graphic that explains combustion synthesis. Brief CU of jet turbine engine. Hot metal being pressed in a steel plant. Interview with Joe Wong who is monitoring the process with X-rays. Ends with b-roll of scientist working.

Second story on ATF forensic investigator using lasers to take finger prints. WS of investigator with green laser. Orange filter placed over camera and finger prints have an orange glow. WS of ATF lab. CU of burlap sack. Interview with investigator who explains how the laser helped determine if flame retardant was present on a Christmas tree needle. Brief rapid views of the laser x-ray. WS of Mass Spectrometer which separates volatile chemicals in an explosive. Pan across vials of chemicals. Woman working at desk with a box labeled evidence.