No sound until 00:04:34:00. The following are scenes of people preparing for the Adolf Eichmann trial, a major organizer of the Holocaust. A man wearing a trench coat hands a policeman a note. The policeman inspects it and there are closeups of his face and paper. The scene shifts to the inside of a man's office and his secretary hands him some papers. A large group of woman type on different machines. A man holding a telephone walks into a telephone booth. A woman inspects microfilm from different boxes lined on a large shelf. The boxes are given closeups and they are labeled Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen. A man operates a microfilm machine and another man opens a large shelf in an archive. There is a closeup to a record that reads, "Adolf Eichmann War Crimes 33/5" and pictures of Eichmann follow. A Jewish man is interviewed about Eichmann. He tells the different ways that Eichmann was meaner and more brutal than the other Nazis. The reporter asks him how it feels that their roles are reversed and the man thanks God that is given the opportunity to face Eichmann again in a trial now that the tables are turned.