Scenes from the insides of a 1960s department store durning the holiday season. Begins with the shot of a snowflake hanging in a window. A Santa Claus greeter shakes a bell as people walk past on the sidewalk. In a montage salespeople show customers odd Christmas gifts: a woman sits in a chair made of entwined ropes, a man opens a wine bottle with a strange looking cork opener, a woman turns on a small portable fan, a man unfolds a small scooter, a man buffs and shines his shoes with a shoe shiner, a man falls into the chair made of entwined ropes, a woman stares at a fish head taxidermy trophy attached to a wall, a woman shows off a hair clip, two stuffed animal dogs sit on a bed, and a man scratches his back with a back scratcher. The scene ends with the same man falling into the chair made of entwined ropes.