The Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team train at Fort Myers, Florida. Coach Danny Murtaugh watches as he chews tobacco. MS of pitchers Elroy Face, Vernon Law, Harvey Haddix, and Bob Friend pitching. MS of catcher Smoky Burgess, third baseman Don Hoak, batter Bill Mazeroski, and batter Dick Groat practicing. In the next newsreel, manager Bill Rigney, and owner Gene Autry are welcomed on behalf of their new Major League Baseball's team, the Los Angeles Angels in Palm Springs, California. MLS of pitchers Duke Maas, Jerry Casale, Eli Grba, and recruits from other teams. Recruits Ted Bowsfield, Bob Sprout, and Jack Harshman throw and catch baseballs. Owner Autry watches pitchers Eddie Yost, Bob Cerv, Steve Bilko, and Ted Kluszewski practice. In the next newsreel President Kennedy establishes the Peace Corps at his News Conference in Washington.