Britain Hails Arrival of Polar A-Sub (part 2 of 2); Partly above water, the submarine rides into the Portland, England, harbor, with crew men standing on top of it. Commander William Anderson is congratulated.

Domenico Modugno- U.S. Greets Creator of World's No. 1 Hit Song; At the New york International Airport, Domenico Modugno deplanes by sliding down the banister. A large crowd follows him at the airport with numerous welcome signs, one just stating the name of his popular song "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu." We see as he greets fans, signs his autograph, and is given a commemorative record from Decca records.

Manmade Lake- Open Newest Seaway Link (part 1 of 2); We see the St. Lawrence Seaway under construction in very upstate New York, near Massena. A hydroelectric dam is also being built which will create Lake St. Lawrence. We watch as the crowd watches, among whom are New York Governor W. Averell Harriman and many people with cameras.

Not Explicit