It's Ike and Nixon! (part 2 of 2); The crowd celebrates as Richard Nixon is nominated as Eisenhower's running mate during the Republican National Convention at Cow Palace in San Francisco. A dragon costume parades down the aisle, between all the signs.

News In Brief; California; A Navy's Super Constellation plane drives on a runway carrying a flying saucer filled with radar. We see the plane as it takes off and from above as it flies.

Beauty Parades; Miss America and Miss College Named; September 1956; In Atlantic City, Miss America contestants parade down the runway in ball gowns and carrying flags. The finalists parade in bathing suits as the crowd claps, then the winner is presented with the crown. At Asbury Park, New Jersey, girls parade in bathing suits, high heels, and graduation caps, in competition for the title of Miss College. The bewildered winner smiles at the camera.