Sports; Seattle, Was,; Footage of the National Boat Show, displaying next year's boats and equipment. Boats are seen from the outside as well as inside. There is a clear plastic dingy and a plaid collection, which includes bathing suits, water skis, and a small plaid boat. A fake duck is shown bobbing its head underwater and back above.

Labor Merger- A F of L and CIO Join Forces; December 1955; Wide shots show a large hall filled with people seated at long tables, labor delegates representing workers. It is a meeting for the merger of the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations. The presidents of the two organizations jointly swing the gavel for the official opening of the meeting, met with a standing ovation. The same reaction ensues when the president and vice-presidents of the new organizations are chosen.

Morton, Pa.; The US Air Force unveils its new helicopter- the largest jet powered one in the world. After men climb aboard, we see it lift off, turn, and fly away. Briefly, we look down on it as it flies.