Seaway- President Signs St. Lawrence Bill; May 1954; President Eisenhower sits at a desk ready to sign the St. Lawrence Bill, surrounded by congressmen who supported it, including George Dondero, chairman of the House public works committee. Arnold Heeney, Canadian Ambassador in the US, is also present. We see a close-up of the president's signature on the bill and then see him handing out nine of the ten pens that he used to sign. Senator Homer Ferguson presents the route of the proposed connecting body of water on a map.

News in Brief; We see the T-43, newest tank in the army, in action, as it fires its 120mm gun, the largest to have been mounted on an american tank, as it drives up a hill, and as it races along a flat road. We see it moving from multiple vantage points.

Hollywood, Cal.; Acting awards from the Woman's Home Companion magazine are presented on what appears to be the set of the movie "The Conqueror" (1956), to June Allison and John Wayne, who is in costume for the aforementioned movie.