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Clip shows women is various latin dress playing drums and percussion instruments. Cut to a featured dancer on a piano, as the camera pulls out, the dancer steps down from the piano and continues to dance in front of the full band. Cut to a couple as they watch the performance, the man attempts to get up and join the dance. As the man attempts to get up, the woman sitting next to him grabs his shoulder and begs him to sit down. A different man, in a sombrero, clearly drunk, sits at the bar behind the couple. As a group of dancers passes the drunk man at the bar, he grabs a feather from a costume of one of the dancers. He then uses this feather to tickle a dancer and then the woman sitting at the table in front of him. Cut to a group of four dancers dancing as they carry baskets of fruit. As these dancers carry their baskets, they dance through an archway that leads to the main band. A dancing couple appears and begins to perform in front of the four dancers shown earlier, who are now posing in front of the band and looking on as the couple continues to perform. The camera cuts back to the drunk man, this time sitting next to a younger man who is ordering a drink with seltzer water. After the young man pays for his drink and leaves, the drunk man grabs the seltzer water sprayer bottle as the bartender has his back turned. The drunk man tries to spray the water into his mouth, misses, and sprays the woman sitting at the table watching the performance that was shown earlier. The woman, in comedic anger, gets up from her seat and sprays the drunk man with the seltzer water bottle. As the drunk man reacts, the camera cuts back to the dancing couple performing in front of the band and fades out.