Experiments with static electricity. Two balloons are seen floating together. A man’s hands appear and rub a cloth over both balloons many times, charging them with static electricity. The two balloons now float apart from each other, repelled by the static. The man then rubs a coat hanger with the same cloth and sticks it between the balloons, making them repel even further away. He then holds the cloth itself between the balloons, and they are instantly attracted to it. When he pulls the cloth away, the balloons push apart again. A banana hangs from strings, and the man brushes a cat on a pillow with a brush. He then holds the brush to the banana, and the fruit revolves around it due to static electricity. Rubs the coat hanger with the cloth again, and then holds the hanger to running water from a tap faucet - the water stream begins to move toward the hanger. He does the same thing with the cat brush, and it too attracts the water.