*May require additional clearance fee*Puss in Boots. Young man plays bag pipes, pussy willows that look like cats sing, owls hoot, kittens play tic-tac-toe, then fight, fall in lake, start drowning, young man throws in bag pipe to rescue them. Puss in boots rings out kittens. Young man, Puss in Boots and kittens try to save princess from ogre. Bird with crown in cage. Ogre sprays something on young man turns him into bird. Put in cage with other bird. Kittens attack ogre, give him a tic-tac-toe face, get inside his clothes and tic-tac-toe his back side. Ogre sprays self to become rat and go into hole where cats are, they capture him. Birds kiss and are transformed back into people when cats spray bottle on them.

Not Explicit