Gravy Train dog food commercial - dog food fit for a hero. This commercial is set at the fictitious Rin Tin Tin Hero Training School for dogs. Rin Tin Tin type dog (German Shepherd) runs into the Rin Tin Tin Hero Training school and leads a variety of dogs in an obstacle course. Dalmatians, Labradors, Terriers, Pointers, Golden retrievers, and mutts/mongrels/mixed-breeds follow suit running up ladders, down slides, through tunnels and into the dog school “Hero Hall”. The dogs line up at several dog bowls while “Rin Tin Tin” leads the class, Close ups of dogs eating dog food, German Shepherd, dog food bag, various breeds of dogs lined up outside, close up on dog with Hero Medal around its collar/neck.dogs, puppy, puppies, obstacle course, training, education, obedience, eating, hungry, man’s best friend, dog show, pets, gravy train, dogs jumping, commercial

Not Explicit