There is no sound. Title card reads "Indio-China" with United Press logo in the background. Opens with a protest in Laos for independence, mostly women and young boys hold up handmade sings in the Laotian language. Next shots are of a larger rally with people of all ages holding signs and several big banners state "Vive Le Laos Independence." Next are shots of Buddhist monks wearing their robes and standing in prayer. A man dressed in a white suit who looks to be Caucasian, gathers offerings made by little children who have placed them in small bowls in front of where they sit. Next a few generals leave a building and people wave flags. There then is a long shot of a street upon which soldiers march. Next is a closeup of the soldiers who all look to be of Laotian descent. Next are a few scenes of a horse barber shop. First is a long shot of men and horses next to a barn. There is a sign that says “Gulf Stream Park Horse Barber Shop” with prices for the different cuts and trimmings. The horses are then washed and groomed and their hair is cut and hooves are painted. One of the men holds up a mirror to the horse so it can admire its new hairdo!