Ku Klux Klan's Imperial Wizard gives a speech. The aftermath of the bombing of MLK's home, by the KKK. MLK stands with crowd of African Americans including his wife, as he announces that he still advocates for nonviolent protesting. The narrator explains that the boycott lasted for 13 months. Various shots of African Americans walking, carpooling, riding the taxi, etc. The announcement of desegregation of buses – blacks riding the bus again after a year, riding in the front. Scenes of young students challenging other segregated areas, such as walking into white only restaurants, bars, lunch counters, etc – sit in protests, freedom riders. Students being taken by policemen and arrested, a black man sits at a lunch counter, and a milkshake is thrown at him. MLK: "I will not rest until we are able to make this kind of witness in this city so that the power structure downtown will have to say, ‘We can’t stop this movement – and the only way to deal with it is to give these people what we owe them and what their God given rights and their constitutional rights demand.’”