Historical trends and scenes from the 1890's. Intertitle say "No red lights to worry about". A short clip from "A Trip Down Market Street". A MOV shot taken from a trolley on the tracks, horse drawn trolley and car cross the frame. Intertitle says "Fire fighters of a bygone era". Very fast and powerful horses running towards camera while pulling a wagon full of firefighters. Intertitle says "When grandma was a bathing beauty!" Three women on the beach in vintage bathing suits and swim caps. Intertitle says "Milady before the boyish bob!" A man cuts a woman's very long hair into a bob. She models the new stylish haircut and then looks into a mirror. Intertitle says "Tight ropes..." An acrobat jumps up and down on a tight rope. There is a circus like FG. Intertitle says "Time marches on!" A man turns on a very old car, possibly a model T, and goes on a drive with two women.