Intertitle says "A terrific tennis tournament!" WS of a man and a woman playing tennis. She is in long white dress and hat. he is very dapper with a moustache. A man in a suit sits at the end of the net and mediates. Intertitle says "A 'love' set." The couple continue to play. There is a CU of the old wooden tennis racket. Intertitle says "Millinery on parade!" WS of a group of women strolling by wearing beautiful dresses and large hats. Intertitle says "World personalities of yesteryear. Sarah Bernhardt." A car is led through a dense crowd by soldiers with guns on their shoulders. Sarah Bernhardt is in the back of an open air car. Intertitle says "John Bunny." John Bunny puts on a coat in front of a wardrobe. MS of John Bunny sitting on a bed. He puts on a bonnet and looks into a small mirror while giggling. Intertitle says "Alexander Graham Bell." CU of Bell talking on a boat, the ocean moves by in the BG. Bell holds a small child standing next to a woman. They hold hands. Intertitle says "Teddy Roosevelt and his heroic Rough Riders." WS of a brass band turning a street corner. They are leading a parade of men on horseback. Intertitle says " 'T.R.' himself." MS of Teddy Roosevelt looking sullen in a hat.