Female models dressed in designer "futuristic space attire of the year 2000" pose in front of satellite fixtures and a giant spinning globe at the Bochum Planetarium and Observatory in Bochum, West Germany. One by one, the models crouch to enter a "rocket shuttle" fixture to "visit friends in outer space suburbs." Exterior LS reveals the models waving goodbye through a circular window. In the next newsreel, Francis Tarkenton, former Minnesota Vikings NFL quarterback, is interviewed about his trade to the New York Giants. Head coach of the Giants, Allie Sherman, sits beside Tarkenton and answers questions. The next newsreel, covers the Six-Day War between Israel and Egypt. Israeli forces reside on the Sinai Peninsula. Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan shares Israel's battle plan to news broadcasters at a podium. Israeli air raids destroy the Arab airforce bases in Israel, Jordan, and Syria. MS of destroyed buildings as a result of the raids. Egypt accuses U.S. and British Air Units of aiding Israel.