1940. MS of the Tacoma Narrows bridge swaying, waving, and twisting in the wind. A reporter abandons his car on the bridge. LS of the bridge swaying, waving, and twisting. Professor Farquharson of the University of Washington walks on the bridge as it sways and twists. Farquharson is on the bridge to rescue a dog from the deserted car. MS of Farquharson walking across bridge. CU of the suspension cables moving. WS of the bridge breaking in half and collapsing into the narrows. LS of the bridge swaying and twisting. MS of B.D. Elliott and Harbine Monroe filming the bridge. Elliott and Monroe were the men who filmed the bridge tragedy. LS of cars parked next to the bridge while it sways. Leonard Coatsworth is the Tacoma reporter who documented the bridge tragedy. MS of Coatsworth. MS of Coatsworth speaking with woman. WS of police holding back a crowd of people. CU of bent metal on bridge. MS of men inspecting bridge. Multiple shots of destroyed bridge. On screen text reads: "As always Universal will continue to service Telenews with outstanding world wide events."