Voice over narration throughout. Long shot of the January 20, 1937 presidential inauguration parade on the rainy streets of Washington, D.C. Wide shot of President F.D.R. joyfully waiving his hat to the crowd from the balcony of the Capitol buidling with the cabinet and other staff behind him. Other various long shots of the parade. Close up shot of F.D.R. smiling. 

"Flood Zone Clean Up A Giant Task" Long shots of the flood damage to the town of Portsmith, Ohio. Men clearing debris and mud from flood waters and clearing the streets for businesses to begin to re-open. People walking down the sidewalk trying to avoid walking through the debris. Cars driving down the street swerving around debris. Temporary emergency bank and post office set up with people lining up for service. Close up shot of pile of mail that has been sorted and ready for pickup. Close up shot of man counting bills to give to woman from temporary bank. long shot of men clearing mud from streets. Medium shot of tractor clearing mud and debris from street. 

Paducah, KY-moving long shot of flood damage to the town of Paducah, Kentucky. various moving shots of people traveling through the flood waters around town in speedboats. Various mocing long shots of the hight of the water around town, towering up to the windows and doorways of street level businesses. Moving close up of a small business "Ma's Little Store" floating in the flood waters. Close up shot of police officer waiving to people in their second level window as he passes by on a boat.