Voice-over narration throughout. Universal newsreel. Medium shot of the Duke of Windsor being escourted to his wedding ceremony by his legal advisors. This wedding was controversial because he was marrying an American woman, Willis Sampson, a two-time divorcee. Moving medium shot of reporters and spectators standing outside the Chateau de Cande where the wedding will be held as the car with the Duke and his advisors enter the gate. Various close up shots of reporters typing on a typewriter, handwriting a story and cameramen documenting the event. Close up shots of people celebrating with drinks as they learn that the ceremony is over. Moving long shot of the gounds of the Chateau de Cande. Long shot of the newlywed Duke and Duchess of Windsor exiting the Chateau de Cande and presenting themselves to the public on the chateau steps. Moving long shot of the view from the chateau steps. Medium and long shots of the newlywed Duke and Duchess posing for photographs. Close up shots of both the Duke and Duchess.