Voice-over narration throughout. Universal Newsreel. Medium shot of union leader giving a speech in front of a crowd of strikers with microphones and cameramen. Medium shot of crowd cheering at union leader's speech. Medium shot of Monroe Mayor, Daniel A. Naggs standing with one man on either side of him carrying large guns. Moving medium shot of citizen vigilantes of Monroe, Michigan lined up with guns and pretending to shoot and stop any strikers from picketing near the steel plant. 

"Cameramen on the West Coast Have a Tough Job" Venice, California. Long shot of women in bathing suits lined up on the beach for a bathing beauty contest. Close up shots of women passing by the camera one my one, sometimes only showing their legs as they pass by the camera. Close up shot of the cameraman for the event. Medium shot of a woman showing off her bathing suit and turning around for the camera. Medium shot of a heavy-set woman sitting in her bathing suit on the sand watching the competition and happily applauding for the contestants. (The cameraman periodically flips back to this image of the heavier woman watching the competition). Miss Mitzy Uline has been dubbed "the perfect beach girl" and is the contestant to beat. Medium shot of Mitzy and another contestant being weighed against each other in a large human-sized balance scale. Close up shots following a long shot of Mitzy's figure being outlined in a figure meter. 

"Special release-Duke of Windsor 'at Long Last' Marries Wallis" Monts, France. Moving medium shot of Revered R.A. Jardin of England leaving a building with a group of men and heading to the street to get in a car towards his chateau.