Voice-over narration throughout. Universal Newsreel. "Wilbur Shaw Wins 500-Mile Speedway Race", Indianapolis, Indiana. Speedway stars Wilbur Shaw and Ralph Hepburn race at the 1937 Indianapolis speedway classic. Long shot of cars racing around the track and people in the stands at the Indianapolis Speedway. Moving long shot of cars racing laps clockwise around the track with spectators and parked cars in the center of the track. Medium shot of a car pulling over to get it's tire changed. Long shots of the last few laps in the race and Shaw crossing the finish line, breaking a speedway record and pulling into the pit. Close up shot of radio and television reporters interviewing Shaw about his win. 

"Deputies Rout Steel Strikers by Gas Barrage" Monroe, Michigan. Long shot of railroad tracks in front of a plant. Long shot of a crowd of steel plant strikers gathered outside the plant turning away cars that come to scab at the plant. Moving long shots of cars making u-turns away from the strikers. Long shot of the crowd of strikers surrounding a scabs car, forcing them to back up and try to go around them.